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LaGray has actively participated in a number of meetings, workshops and conferences aimed at improving health in sub-Saharan Africa.

The company's participation includes presentations, exhibitions, panel discussions and workshops.

LaGray has also sponsored meetings, sessions and has chaired panel and other forms of discussions.

The company has received recognition and awards as a pioneer, for entrepreneurism and for scientific merit. 

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  LaGray signed a technology transfer agreement with Anuh Pharma of Mumbai, India in April 2007. The agreement covers the supply of synthetic intermediates to LaGray and technology transfer for API production




  LaGray started its first commercial production of azithromycin in August 2008.  This marked the first commercial manufacture of APIs in West Africa.  Dr. Graham, COO of the company announced that plans are under way for manufacture of essential antimalarial and antiretroviral APIs by the third quarter of 2009.



  Mr. Harish Poojary, Manager Plant and Facilities at LaGray announced on August 4th 2008 that construction and equipment installation of the company's new state of the art oral solid dosage form plant has been completed.  This concludes Phase II A of the company's development plans, which adds capacity for the production of oral capsules, tablets and powders.



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